Patrice Aroca (born in 1983) is a photographer of hispanic and vietnamese descent who grew up in Paris. After beginning his studies in film, he decided to devote himself to freelance photography via travel reports, investigations and news stories.

He chose Southeast Asia as the subject for his research on the human condition; a key starting point for the photographer who sees all kinds of diversity converge beneath his eyes. From the raw green density of Vietnam during his first journey in search of his own origins, the bright colors and the sacredness of everyday life in India, to the watery and seductive light of Burma, a country very dear to the photographer, he will carry out a photographic work revealing the highest expression of Buddhism in the world.

Patrice Aroca plunges without filters into everyday scenes from his many travels and into the cruel reality of burmese refugees in Thailand.
In his gallery, the photographer shares some of the most representative images of his work focusing on the human race. It was above all the travels and the people of Asia that gave him the desire to capture images of their daily life, and to encapsulate the ephemeral emotion, whether it was beautiful or cruel in it’s purest form, in order to share it’s authenticity.